By Cass DuCharme          

As you are reading this, the youth choir and I are returning from our Jubilate summer tour. Since I'm writing this the day before we leave, I'm not sure what adventures we will encounter along the way. I am sure, however, that we will be prepared because I've got a packing list. I've checked everything off, and I am ready to go.

My list includes the usual items like pants, shirts, shorts, shoes, bathing suit, toiletries, cell phone, laptop, Bible, and other good books. My Jubilate list includes the rental van, bus keys, music box, medical release forms, housing lists, itinerary, directions, cash, credit card, first aid kits, and oh yeah, the youth that are going.
Our tour list includes, singing in churches, a monastery, an outdoor pavilion, a senior adult retirement center, and a Salvation Army home for women and children. We'll also be spending a day at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. I love water parks.

I'm a sticky note-list kind of guy, so having packing and tour lists is nothing new to me. Sometimes I have to remind myself, however not to forget to pack the really important things that may not be on my list. I'll need to pack a little extra patience for those who will be traveling on the roads with me, and those unexpected events. I'll need to make sure I've got a little more grace for those we'll encounter at our concert venues. I'll need to make sure I pack a little more love as I help share Christ's love through our music. Last of all, I'll need to pack an extra measure of peace for those hectic days of traveling and singing.

Making a list is important so that we don't forget anything when we travel. As you travel this summer, don't forget to include the important things that may not be on your list. Oh yeah, whatever you do, don't forget the sunscreen.