Eighteen years ago, Dave Hailey approached me about taking on the responsibilities of Children's Minister at Highland Hills. After prayerful consideration, I agreed to come on staff. Dave and I sat down to talk about this ministry and where I would begin. He said, "Your first task is to get ready for Children's Camp. We leave in two weeks!!" I quickly began the preparation for a camp that has become a long-standing tradition for Highland Hills.


Children's Camp 2013 Our children love camp! Who doesn't love a slip-n-slide, a competitive game of water balloon toss, a spectacular talent show, and tons of relay games? These are just some of the favorite activities that occur during our time spent at Lake Sinclair. However, it's not just the fun and games that our children love. They also love Sealed Orders - a private time of guided prayer. They enjoy the creative telling of Bible stories, and writing their own litanies in worship. While camp is a time for fun, it is also a sacred time.


It is a sacred time because of the love shared between friends. It is a sacred time because of the time spent learning about God and of God's love for each child. It is a sacred time because of the spiritual growth that occurs in the lives of each child that attends.


Unlike that first year, camp preparations now begin in January - several months before our departure date. Each year as I prepare for Children's Camp I plan for lots of fun times, and I plan for lots of sacred moments. It is amazing when I get to see those sacred moments happen. I can see it in their faces and hear it in their prayers. It is in those moments that I know that Children's Camp is a sacred tradition!