By Carol Brown


This week, instead of going to work every morning at Highland Hills, I've been getting up a little earlier, gathering a little more energy, and buying my ticket for the Everywhere Fun Fair! Our church hallways, classrooms, chapel, and Great Room have been transformed into a wonderfully colorful fair complete with big top tents, balloons, cotton candy, and popcorn! It's Vacation Bible School week and this year it's an Everywhere Fun Fair!


Vacation Bible School in 2013 looks a little different than it did when I was a child. Today's VBS is filled with bright, loud, and interactive fun. The lessons often include crazy costumes, science experiments, and wacky games. But Vacation Bible School is not empty entertainment and fun is not the only focus of the week. While our children are singing active songs and bouncing balloons around the room, they are also learning important lessons about God's love and the way that God wants them to live their lives.


This week our children are learning that God wants us to be good neighbors - to people in our daily lives and to people around the globe. We are learning that God wants us to be friendly, giving, bold, forgiving, and welcoming. As we learn Luke 10:27, we are finding out that God wants us to love Him with our whole hearts, our whole beings, our whole strength, and our whole minds. And...God wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves.


Surrounded by enthusiastic, energetic children and with the Everywhere Fun Fair soundtrack stuck in my head this week, I am reminded that loving God with my whole heart is not a halfway done endeavor. When we put our whole selves into living the way God wants us to live, the result is that we care more deeply, share more boldly, and love more completely.


I may not have as much energy as a five-year-old or as much enthusiasm as a ten-year-old, but I have found that I'm never too old for the lessons that we learn in Vacation Bible School!