By Ruth DuCharme  


I enjoy watching House Hunters. This HGTV reality show follows individuals, couples, or families searching for a new home with the help of a realtor. Each show features three properties that the prospective buyers view along with the realtor and the television viewer. At the end of the show the prospective buyer chooses one of the three properties to purchase for their new home. In most cases, these prospective buyers have a lot of money to spend on a home - at least more money than I can imagine spending on a home.


As the prospective buyer is looking at an expensive property, it is fun to put myself in their shoes. Without considering my own bank account, I can make my own judgments about what I like and dislike about each home. I can imagine which property I would choose if I were making this decision. I might not like one house because the kitchen cabinets are all wrong. I might prefer another house because the master bedroom has great closet space. I might think that the third house has the best curb-appeal, and that the home theater in it is perfect for entertaining. In the end, I find myself cheering on the buyer to choose the property that I think is best for them.


Often on this show, the realtor will entice the prospective buyer by showing them a property that is beyond the budget that they have set for themselves. It seems that nine times out of ten the buyers will choose the property that is beyond their budget. They are willing to take the financial risk and over extend themselves in order to have their dream home.


Dreaming on someone else's budget is kind of fun. I can imagine spending their money with no damage to my own bank account. There is no risk on my part - no real investment and no real consequences. That is the fun of a television show like House Hunters.


But what about the real hopes and dreams that I have for myself and my home. My dreams really aren't for a huge house that I can't afford, and I don't want to live out someone else's dreams. My dreams are for a home that is warm, comfortable, and manageable - a home filled with love and laughter. I want a home where all are welcomed and where dreams are respected and encouraged.


I want the same for our church. As we seek to become the church that God wants us to be, I dream that we will be a house where God abides - a house filled with warmth, love, and laughter. I want us to be known as a church where all are welcomed to find God's grace, and where dreams are respected and encouraged. I pray that we will be a church that provides comfort to those who mourn and guidance for those who seek.


As we look towards our future, let's dream together and work together to build a church that fulfills God's dream for us as the body of believers at Highland Hills