by Carol Brown


I know we're all looking forward to Jake Hall's arrival next month when he comes to serve as Highland Hills' next pastor, but I am especially looking forward to the arrival of our newest "preacher's kid" - Logan Hall. I know Logan is only 1 ½ years old now and he can't read this yet, but I have a few things I want to tell Logan. Maybe he'll get a chance to read it in a few years and, when he does, he'll know that he was very much loved and welcomed by his new church family.

Dear Logan,

We are so excited that you will soon become a part of our church family at Highland Hills! As your preschool minister, I can't wait to get to know you better. I will greet you each Sunday morning when you come to Sunday School with your mom and dad. Mrs. Joy, your Sunday School teacher, will sit on the floor with you and show you all of the fun toys in the toddler classroom. Soon, she'll find out which toys are your favorites and which books you like best. You'll get to play with Reece, Jackson, Anderson, and the other toddlers. Each week, Mrs. Joy will hug you and tell you that God loves you very much!

You'll soon find out that being a kid at Highland Hills is lots of fun! You'll get to take field trips to the farm, sing in the preschool choir with Miss Florence, and, when you get big enough, you can go to Children's Camp with Mrs. Ruth. You'll make wonderful memories at camp like fishing in the lake and singing worship songs in the A-frame. And when camp is over, Mrs. Ruth will hug you and tell you that God loves you very much!

Even better than being a kid at Highland Hills, you get to be a "preacher's kid!" That means being the first to arrive each Sunday and the last to leave. It means getting to know every nook and cranny and hiding place in the church. It means spending hours at church while your dad works and your mom gets ready to teach Sunday School or help in VBS (because I know she'll want to do those things) and it means being loved in an extra special way by all the grownups in your great big church family!

So, welcome to Highland Hills, Logan. I can't wait to hug you and tell you that God loves you very much...and so do we!


Mrs. Carol