By Carol Brown    

As Mercer fans, Steve and I (along with the rest of Macon) have been waiting a long time to attend a Mercer football game. We have loved cheering on the Bears at basketball games, soccer games, and even a volleyball game or two, but something was missing from our fall Saturdays. We have waited and planned and prepared for the big day when college football would return to Macon. Last Saturday, the wait was finally over. We tailgated and cheered and sweated with 12,172 fans who packed Mercer's brand new stadium to see the Mercer Bears win their first football game in 72 years. The wait was finally over!

As part of the Highland Hills staff, Cass, Ruth, and I have been waiting for 19 months for a new pastor to lead our church. We have loved listening to sermons each week by Brett, our interim pastor, and we have loved the closeness of our three-person ministerial team, but something is still missing. We are waiting and planning and preparing with anticipation for the day when we will have a new pastor to lead our staff.

We hope that our wait is almost over. Our Pastor Search Committee has researched and interviewed and prayed for months and they are now ready to present a candidate to the church family. We are trusting God to provide a new pastor who will bring gifts and talents to our team, and whose gifts will strengthen the ministries of our church. We are looking forward to a pastor who will bring new vision and fresh ideas for our church family. We have waited a long time and we are eager to begin the next step in our journey.

Mercer fans had to wait 72 years for a new football team. By comparison, our wait has been brief...but when we are anticipating a bright future and new beginnings for our church, any wait seems too long.