by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters e-newsletter, 1/23/14


Are you busy? If you think that life has just picked up the pace a bit since the good ole' has. We, as a people, are putting in longer hours.  Working more than any other industrialized nation, we presently punch in more time on the clock, in any job, than at any time since the nineteen fifties. Americans work nine full weeks, that's 360 hours, longer than our Western European counterparts and average only about two weeks of vacation per year, compared to their five to six.
Our days and hours are counted in dollars and cents. Time, it's the new currency. In a culture that values stressed schedules, the practice of sabbath time must seem especially strange.

Take time for your spiritual life. Take time to be holy and wholly loved by God. As Stephanie Paulsell writes, "At its best Christian observance of [the Sabbath] is full of worship and rest and joy, a day on which the body is honored as a holy creation of God, a day on which we can speak and sing our gratitude for life, a day on which we lay aside patterns of consumption in order to learn to taste and see that the Lord is good." Sabbath may help us renew our sense of God's presence despite our ever present distractions.

Chase after your Sabbath time and taste and see that the Lord is Good.