by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters enewsletter, 1/30/14


Snow Day! It's the announcement of children in need of a break from school and work-weary parents in need of a respite. All is fine, if by snow day, we mean a few flurries and a drop in temperature, but when we really get the chilly change we are asking for, the cry becomes more a lament when winter disrupts life and stalls all progress.
We southerners are accustomed to a certain kind of winter. When the season brings more than we can handle, life shuts down.  Have you been there? Not just when snow and ice bring more than we can handle, but when your season of life hits a big chill and all roads forward seem impassable. Consider Jacelyn Tay's, "With God Winter Still Comes."

With God Winter Still Comes

When winter comes
There will not be warmth
When summer arrives
There cannot be snow
Seasons come and seasons go
We all play a different role
For there is a time for everything
Nothing stops for her or him
Ask not God to halt winter
But Him to provide you shelter
For when you have God, seasons ain't over
What will surely change is how you live winter.

God grant us shelter for the season of life in which we find ourselves. Bring us in from the cold and remind us that this season in our lives won't last forever.  Teach us new ways to live and remind us that life isn't over. The Son will rise and all will be made new.