by Carol Brown

published in Family Matters e-newsletter, 12/19/13


If you've been present at Family Night Supper and Prayer Service lately, you've heard Jake ask the question, "What do you celebrate and what do you pray for?" We are used to sharing our requests for prayer with one another—often sharing our burdens, fears, and concerns. But Jake has encouraged us to also share the good things in our lives. By thinking about what we celebrate, we put into words the things that we are grateful for and we are reminded to give God thanks for all the good gifts we have received.
So this week I celebrate...

  • Four Christmas Eve Angels who volunteered by Sunday, December 15!
  • Advent candles in the dark with the 4K & 5K Sunday School class.
  • Hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows at the Live Nativity.
  • Shoes in the den, dirty laundry on the floor, and whole milk in the refrigerator—all indications that my boys are home!
  • Christmas tree lights glowing while I write.
  • Jake, Cass, Ruth, Gerald, Debbie, Charlie, Brenda, and Homer—a wonderful group of people to work with every day.
  • My church family, who serves together, plays together, and worships together.
  • Emmanuel—God with us!

What do you celebrate? Do you find joy in Christmas carols on the radio? Do you delight in the Christmas lights in your neighborhood? Do your children or grandchildren bring a smile to your face? Every once in a while—especially during the holiday season—we need to step away from our lists of gifts to buy and things to do and make a list of things that we celebrate.
As you think about the small things that bring you joy during the Christmas season, remember to give God thanks for every good and perfect gift.