by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, 10/16/14

I have spent some time with a few of our recent high school graduates, now college freshmen. Something remarkable happens in that  time between the end of the last year of high school and the end of the first semester of college. All of the finality of graduation passes away. You realize that the end of one phase was really the beginning of a new one. I have been a pastor long enough now to see students move from college to career to kids.
We are always being shaped, educated, formed, and changed; ever being met with a new phase of life. Remembering this freshman feeling might serve us well. How will we prepare ourselves spiritually for the life we have ahead of us, whether we are eighty-two or twenty-two?
Dallas Willard describes the universal nature of  formation as “a process that  happens to everyone. The most despicable as well as the most admired of persons have a spiritual formation.” Slackers and saints, both, are being spiritually formed in one way or another.
We are committed at Highland Hills to providing avenues of spiritual formation to those at every age and stage of life. Sunday School, Bible study, spiritual retreats, mission trips, and worship—each of these activities shape our particular community of faith. We hope to embrace spiritual maturity as a model for lifelong learners in the way of Jesus. Maturation happens when we realize that there is no end to our walk with God. There are always lessons to learn as a disciple of Jesus.