by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters, May 2014

Easter happened, but Easter isn’t over. No, not because you still have a few eggs as yet unaccounted for and not because your annual stock of marshmallow “peeps” candies has not yet been depleted.

Easter isn’t over because Easter is ongoing. Experiencing the risen Lord is not just a seasonal affair. Worship at Highland Hills invites you to participate in the ongoing story of God. On Easter we proclaimed the high and holy story through sermon, song, and sincere deed and that was only the beginning of our celebrating the risen Lord. Easter goes on!

Easter is about developing your senses to see the living Christ long after the eggs are found, the pictures taken, and the Easter basket looted. Can you see Jesus alive and at work in the world? Have you experienced a God sighting lately?

As Frank Wright pens, “The person who never notices the person next to him can never move beyond and see the ‘incognito’ Christ in him.” The risen Lord is ever present. Jesus is everywhere if you have enough vision.

There are many barriers to our seeing Christ in those we meet. Perceived difference often creates the highest barrier to seeing Jesus in others. This is second only to indifference, that act of simply not caring about others at all. Busyness doesn’t help. Taking the time to notice other people takes more time than the typical glance we offer most folk. As Wright notes,  “Busyness can lead [you] to miss seeing. People can be a hindrance in a carefully-planned schedule for the day, since they are so unpredictable and time-consuming.”

Take the time in this season after the big day to name and notice the presence of Jesus, wherever Christ may appear. When you do notice that Jesus shows up in other people’s lives you may be surprised just how transformative that may be for you and for them.