by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters, June 2014

Say the word “go,” and most people in my household will begin singing “Let It Go” from Disney’s 2013 movie Frozen. If you have somehow missed this phenomenon, then you may have been hibernating for longer than just the winter. It is everywhere: the song, the movie, and the merchandise. One two-year-old I know has three Frozen-themed books, two Frozen-themed stuffed animals and one copy of the movie which we have watched an untold number of times.  
The story plows through the typical princess movie by celebrating self acceptance, rather than a princely romance. The lead character lets go of her fears and gets on with the living of her life. This call to know yourself and to then to go forth in the living of your days has almost a gospel ring to it. Accepting our calling in the Kingdom of God means letting go of our reticence and taking up our calling to “go forth.”

In this edition of Family Matters, we consider our calling to “go forth,” as well as those whom we send. The call to go, or in this case, let it go, is a powerful thing. It is one of the reasons we hear a call to “stop, “remember,” and “go” each week during the benediction. Remembering who you are in Christ reminds us of our calling from God to GO, as we join a cast of animated biblical characters given the same admonition. During this season we will be sending church members on mission trips, a staff member on sabbatical, children to camp, and youth choirs to Jubilate. Consider our common call to GO. From Abraham’s command from God to GO, to Jesus’s commission to his disciples, we are each called to, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…