by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, 7/10/14

It would not be summer without Vacation Bible School. I have enjoyed my first Vacation Bible School at Highland Hills. Songs, lessons, and crafts filled this week with activity. I have been watching as our children learn about the Good News through this year’s theme, Workshop of Wonders. I have been keeping an eye on our volunteers as they use their gifts for God in creative service.

Here are some things I have noticed. Wow, your kids are bright. Their enthusiasm requires, not a double shot latté, but a single opportunity for expression. Their voices ring out in the chapel song by song. They are hungry too… for snacks. (Seriously, I was nearly trampled by a class rounding the corner by my office.) But all the more so, they hunger and thirst for spiritual experiences and embodied expression. Maybe that is something we all crave.

I remembered that crafts are about more than creativity; they remind us that we make the message happen. One of my favorite stations in VBS has always been the craft room. Far from just treasures for the family fridge, crafts realize the themes of the day. Somehow through glue and craft sticks and paint, it all comes together. All of these moments, taken together, make us who we are spiritually.  

Lastly, I was reminded the degree to which VBS songs get stuck in your head. Seriously, I have a problem. I have been singing them on my commute. I have been singing them in the shower. I have been singing them as I make dinner. I have been singing them as I write this week’s pastor’s column. There is a good chance that if the message gets stuck in your head, that maybe it will be fixed in your heart as well. Isn’t that the point?