By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, 3/29/2015

Every year we follow the life of Jesus from the advent of his birth to his joyful resurrection. We don’t leave out any part of Jesus’ story. We celebrated the blessing of Jesus in the temple as an infant. We wondered as the twelve-year-old Jesus wandered back to the temple and away from his parents. We waited in line as John baptized Jesus by the Jordan. We followed Jesus into the lonely wilderness and back into the midst of the disciples whom he called.

Now, we approach Holy Week, the last week before the palms, before the last supper, before the betrayals, and death. We walk through this last week together in the hope and assurance that Easter will soon be here.

It is tempting to jump from the ‘hosannas’ of Palm Sunday to the ‘alleluias’ of Easter without ever really experiencing what happened in between. This year attend to those moments in your week.

On Thursday at Highland Hills, we will experience the Lord’s Supper as we gather around the table. Then, like those first disciples, we will disburse to various prayer stations and consider the walk of the disciples during Holy Week, as we walk a labyrinth together.

On Friday the darkness of the season reaches its nadir, as we extinguish all hope but that of resurrection. The seven last words of Jesus will guide this choral worship.

On Sunday Morning, everything changes.

Be here for these holy moments. Join us on the journey.