By Cass DuCharme

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, August 13, 2015

This past summer, the youth of HHBC started a Revolution. It began in June, when the youth choir traveled all over the Southeast on our Jubilate choir tour. They sang songs
about God’s love for us and others, they worshiped in other churches, they sang on the Pigeon River while rafting the white water, they shared meals with people they didn’t know, and shared a bus with two other churches from our Jubilate group. As we toured, they were the hands and feet of Jesus embarking on a revolution.

The Revolution continued in July, as the youth worked in our church’s VBS. The youth sang the VBS songs, worked with the preschoolers and children in their classrooms, helped with recreation, arts and crafts, and were wonderful leaders throughout the week right here at home. The Revolution culminated at Passport Averett in Danville, Virginia. There, the youth were challenged to Flip their world like Jesus did his, take a Stand for Christ, Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves, discern ways God calls them to Act, and continue the Revolution wherever they go. They worked hard on their mission sites, played hard at the rec party, participated in wonderful worship services, sang at the talent show (I was so proud!), won one game in the volleyball tournament (Chase was the ref, so I guess it would in the volleyball tournament (Chase was the ref, so I guess it would have looked rigged if we’d won it all), and concluded each day with thought-provoking church group devotions. Each night at Passport, we discussed how we could continue the Revolution at home through local mission efforts, participation in youth activities, and in our worship services.

Like me, I know that you are proud of our youth group and all that they do to make our church a vibrant part of the kingdom and God’s work.

Do you want a Revolution? It’s only just begun. Just ask the youth.