By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, August 6, 2015 

We are the church, that is a simple thing to say and a more difficult thing to believe. We are the church, not the bricks and mortar, the budgets, or the bylaws. Living, breathing, broken, beloved, beautiful, people are the church. This includes those who comprise the Greatest Generation, the Boomers, the Busters, and Generation X, Y, and Z. Okay, the generational labels do tend to drive me crazy, but they are helpful in talking about trends over time.

As the next generation of church leaders come of age, how will we hear their theological witness? How will we listen and learn from their experience of God? Much has been written about this generation, known as “millennials,” those born after 1984.

On Sunday evening, we will meet to discuss our last summer book study, Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. The book is an autobiographical witness of one millennial’s journey of faith, loving, leaving and finding the church. It is a revealing look at the next generation of church stewards. Speaking of her evangelical peers Evans writes:

“We’re tired of the culture wars, tired of Christianity getting entangled with party politics and power. Millennials want to be known by what we’re for, I said, not just what we’re against. We don’t want to choose between science and religion or between our intellectual integrity and our faith. Instead, we long for our churches to be safe places to doubt, to ask questions, and to tell the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable. We want to talk about the tough stuff—biblical interpretation, religious pluralism, sexuality, racial reconciliation, and social justice—but without predetermined conclusions or simplistic answers. We want to bring our whole selves through the church doors, without leaving our hearts and minds behind, without wearing a mask.” ~ Rachel Held Evans.

Join us to learn more about millennial faith and witness. Sunday, August 9 at 6:30 p.m.