By Carol Brown

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, November 10, 2016

Last Monday night, I spent an evening in suffering from jetlag. I spent an evening in Uganda without even leaving Macon. Our church joined with First Baptist Church of Christ to host a missions event led by CBF field personnel Missy Ward Angalla and her husband, Francis. We shared a wonderful Ugandan meal together, listened to stories of the work that Missy and Francis are doing, and heard about their plans for more ministries in the future.

Whenever I listen to missionaries speak about the life-changing work that they are doing, my heart stirs and I want to get on a plane and go! That’s not always realistic, and what my heart wants is not always practical, but the desire to go is very real! Our evening in Uganda had the same effect on me. After singing a beautiful Ugandan song, and hearing the inspiring stories of Daphne and Hannah—refugees who have found new life through Missy’s women’s ministries—I found myself thinking, “How can I be a part of this ministry? How can I go to Kampala, Uganda, to work alongside these wonderful people and experience all that they are experiencing?”

My problem just got worse when Missy and Francis invited us all to come and experience the beautiful, non-humid, year-round 60-to- 80-degree weather in Uganda! I was ready to sign up immediately!

Well, I don’t think I’ll be taking a trip to Kampala, Uganda, anytime soon, but I will be supporting the refugee ministries and following the work of Missy and Francis through their newsletters and blogs. After moving to Uganda three years ago, Missy began a ministry called “Amani Sasa.” This group ministers among refugees who have been abused, trafficked, and exploited. These women have had very difficult lives and the shelter recovery program allows them to experience God’s healing and restoration. After completing the program, many of the women become mentors, ministering to other refugee women in need of care.

Missy and Francis expressed their deep gratitude to our church for the ways that we support and encourage them in their ministries. I'm so glad that I get to serve in a church that values missions and supports the wonderful work that our CBF field personnel are doing. I’m glad that I get to serve at Highland Hills…it’s almost as good as going to Uganda. Almost.