By Cass DuCharme

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, December 15 2016

Did the title of my article catch you? I hope so. We see this name a lot this time of year. For the past three months, the Sanctuary Choir, Gerald, and I have been working on our Christmas music that we’ll present this Sunday morning. The title of the cantata, written by Mary McDonald and Rose Aspinall, is - you guessed it - Jesus! The Advent of the Messiah.

During choir rehearsal each week, after we’ve rehearsed all the rest of our music, I’ll tell the choir to “take out Jesus” and we’ll get to work on our notes, words, and rhythms as we prepare to sing in worship. A few of our choir members have dropped Jesus and some have even stepped on Jesus. Some of Jesus’ pages have been torn and yes, there’s even been coffee spilled on Jesus. But we’ve made it to our final rehearsal, and Jesus made it too.

That sounds like Jesus, doesn’t it? Always being there for us, no matter how we treat him.

The choir will be singing four of the anthems from Jesus throughout the service. We will be anticipating and celebrating the birth of this baby who changed the world. In fact, if you came to the Live Nativity last Sunday night, you heard one of the songs from Jesus, entitled God With Us to Dwell. Ella Trotter sang it when the angel visited Mary. BTW, a little shout out to all of the cast and crew of A Shepherd’s Story, great job everyone!!

I hope you’ll be in worship Sunday morning as we sing Christmas Gloria!, Heavenly Peace, He Is Born and Born a Mighty King, with Gerald playing the organ and piano (not at the same time of course) and Sara Elliott playing percussion.

The choir and I have enjoyed preparing to present Jesus to our Lord and our congregation. I hope you’ve been preparing to receive Jesus during this Advent and Christmas season. And don’t worry if you’ve dropped, stepped on, torn or spilled coffee on Jesus, he’ll be just fine.