By Carol Brown

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, September 21, 2016

I have never worked in the food service industry, so I have never needed to wear a hairnet… until Sunday afternoon. On Sunday afternoon, I joined 150 volunteers in our church Great Room to pack meals for people in need of daily sustenance. And I wore a hairnet! All 150 of us donned fashionable hairnets, washed our hands, and worked shoulder to shoulder to pack rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and a vitamin mix into plastic bags, which will be sent to third world countries in desperate need of food.

It was a crazy, wild, noisy, chaotic, beautiful afternoon! After just a few minutes of instructions, these 150 hairnet-clad volunteers assigned themselves to a work station and found a rhythm of working, laughing, cheering, and singing to get the work done in an amazingly short time. In under an hour, this hodge-podge group of volunteers assembled, boxed, and sealed 12,096 meals, enough to feed one hungry child for over ten years!

It was a crazy, wild, noisy, chaotic, beautiful example of God’s people being the hands and feet of Christ to a hurting world. From our senior adults to our preschoolers, everyone’s hands and feet were useful. Some hands scooped and poured, some hands weighed and sealed, and some strong hands and arms carried the full boxes to stack in the hallway. Some feet ran from table to table as packers called for a “runner,” some feet shuffled through the crowd to gather and deliver the full bags of food, and some feet danced to the lively playlist filling the Great Room with energy and fun.

It was a crazy, wild, noisy, chaotic, beautiful picture of people from many different places and walks of life coming together to serve others. Church groups from First Baptist Forsyth, Community Baptist Church in Milledgeville, Haddock Baptist in Gray, Rocky Creek Baptist, and Vineville Baptist worked side by side with our HHBC folks to fill the Great Room with joyful noise. And a group of 15 Mercer students added their enthusiasm, energy, and strength to complete the picture of people giving time and effort to stop the cycle of poverty and hunger in our world.

It was a crazy, wild, noisy, chaotic, beautiful afternoon, and a wonderful reminder that when we give our hands and feet to God for God’s use, even unskilled volunteers, bags of rice, and hairnets can be used to share God’s love with a world in need.