by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, January 19, 2017

Vision 2020 is upon us.

Our first meeting is Sunday where we will look back into our history to gain insights into our strengths as a congregation.

Seeing Christ-like possibilities is the vision we are talking about. When I talk to members of Highland Hills about significant moments in our church’s history, many of you mention an earlier season of discernment with the “New Dream” committee. “Engaging our congregation in a spiritual discernment and visioning process at this time in the church’s history is critical,” said New Dream chairman Larry Brumley. “I believe it has the potential to bring Highland Hills members closer together while making the church more relevant in our community and for current and future members.”

Many leaders in our congregation are already excited about this process. Deacon and former pastor Jim Bruner explains, “I applaud our leadership’s decision and effort to move us in this direction. If there’s one thing I have learned about life, it’s that it is constantly in flux. Our church is no exception. In every season of a congregation’s life, there is a need to examine our mission and purpose for the present and the future.”

In that Spirit, I submit this video for your reflection.