by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, March 24, 2017

Highland Hills is honored to host the opening worship for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The many moments of community and celebration provided by the Cherry Blossom Festival remind us of what can happen we when celebrate new growth and beauty in our city. We will welcome our civic leaders, mayor, the Cherry Blossom Board, the Macon-Bibb Youth Commission, and both national and international dignitaries of the pageant court. May the moments of our worship together guide us to recognize the promise of spring and seek the vitality of true community.

Here are Five things You Need to Know About Worship on Sunday:

1. If you reading this, then you have been drafted to the “Greeter Team.” On Sunday, we will welcome around 150 guests to our worship service. You have an important role in the way that welcome and hospitality are expressed in our congregation. Meet people with a smile. Offer your attention. Shake hands. Highland Hills, you are gifted in hospitality.

2. Hospitality is a Christian Virtue. Beyond setting a warm table or cooking a nourishing meal, hospitality means looking for ways to welcome all who enter your threshold. Welcoming space requires attention and intention. This day will be good practice for ways we can always offer our best welcome to our community. This also means . . . this Sunday will look a little different than most.

3. Parking may be limited. Those able to walk and enjoy the beauty of our campus are encouraged to park in the far back of the parking lot. As you know, convenient paths will lead you to the sanctuary through the courtyard.

4. Offer someone your seat. We are all creatures of habit. Even I sit in the same seat on Sunday. With 150 guests, there is a high probability that someone will be sitting in the seat where you normally sit. Say a silent prayer of thanks for their presence and be sure and offer them a warm welcome. Help our guests see the deep welcome of Christ in your action.

5. Be proud of who we are. Highland Hills has been a living witness of God's grace and served this community for sixty-five years. We will celebrate a legacy of beauty and caring for our community.

I hope to see you on Sunday.