by Carol Brown

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, March 30, 2017

A lot happens in a quarter of a century! In 25 years, babies grow into adults, churches move through several stages of growth, and organizations mature into stable, well-formed entities. 25 years ago, Steve and I were newcomers to Macon and our first child, Burgess, was just three months old. A lot changes in 25 years! Burgess, and his brother Hudson, are both independent young adults, living in New York and ready to take on the world. Steve has celebrated 25 years at Mercer University, I have served at Highland Hills for almost 23 years, and (amazingly enough) Steve and I have not aged at all! A lot of living happens in 25 years. What will the next 25 years look like?

Last weekend, I joined many of our church members and other Fellowship Baptists from across the state as we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of CBF of Georgia. Through breakout sessions, dinners, a Friday evening worship service, and casual conversations over dessert, it was clear to me that CBF/GA has matured into an independent, well-rounded young adult, ready to take on the world. The ministries of CBF/GA like March Mission Madness, Senior Adult Retreat, and Now Serving Atlanta are doing good work in our state and encouraging us to be the presence of Christ to people in need. A lot of growth and good work has happened in 25 years!

Throughout the celebration weekend, it was also clear to me that Highland Hills church members are strong leaders in the work of CBF/GA. At the Friday evening dinner, Ben Huston was recognized as one of CBF’s 25 Young Baptists to Know. During the business meeting, we elected Neil Heath to serve as CBF/GA’s treasurer for the coming year and Jake Hall to serve on the Coordinating Council. In the afternoon breakout sessions, Paul Lewis taught a session on wisdom and the Hebrew Bible. Of course our own CBF/GA staff members, Renee Bennett and Rachel Greco, worked tirelessly to plan and carry out the details of this General Assembly and anniversary celebration weekend.

A lot happens in a quarter of a century! We are now seeing the results of 25 years of ministry and fellowship with CBF/GA and we are receiving the blessings of joining hands with other Fellowship Baptists in doing God’s good work. A lot of living happens in 25 years. What will the next 25 years look like for Highland Hills and CBF/GA? Following the direction God leads, our next quarter of a century will find us continuing to be the presence of Christ in our community, our state, and our world.