By Carol Brown

published in Family Matters eNewsletter, June 29, 2017

We’re having a baby boom at Highland Hills. We had a precious baby boy born in February, two sweet little girls born last week, and a fourth new baby on the way in September. That’s a real baby boom!

One of my greatest joys as Preschool Minister is visiting the hospital when a newborn baby arrives. I get to share in the excitement of a new life and marvel at the perfection of God’s creation. Sometimes I even get to hold the precious little one and smell that wonderful newborn baby scent. There’s nothing sweeter! But we all know that newborns require a lot of work and they don’t always smell so sweet! All parents of babies can tell you that the excitement starts to wear thin during 2 a.m. feedings and the sound of a newborn’s cry can cause panic in first-time parents. Babies are truly gifts from God but they are gifts that require a lot of work.

A baby boom at Highland Hills is also a true gift from God but it is a gift that requires some work on our part. Newborn babies in the nursery means that more Sunday Shepherds are needed to rock, feed, and change those little lambs during our worship services. Our church nursery is a welcoming place for young families and we want them to know that their most cherished gifts will be treated with tender love and care.

Celebrate this baby boom with me by signing up to serve as a Sunday Shepherd. As soon as you hold one of our precious little ones and smell that wonderful newborn baby scent, you’ll be hooked. There’s nothing sweeter!