By Cass DuCharme

published in Family Matters eNewsletter May 24, 2018

For those of you who may not have a TV, radio, computer, cell phone, iPad, etc., you may not have known that there was a little wedding in England last Saturday. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle. It was an international affair. Prince Harry’s beautiful bride is from the USA, and because of that, this Royal Wedding was like no other in history. Because of the time difference, one person in my house was up at 4:00 a.m., watching all of the famous people take their places in the church getting ready for the big affair. I will admit, I did get up at 7:00 a.m. to see it live, but I wasn’t the one up at 4:00 a.m.

Throughout the service, some historic milestones were made. For starters, the bride walked the aisle alone, because her father was ill and couldn’t attend. After she was about halfway down the aisle, Prince Charles escorted her the rest of the way. Then there was the sermon by the American Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church, who preached about true love for God and for one another. My favorite line was, and I paraphrase, “if how we treat each other is not about love, then it is not about God.” I love that! Then, after the stuffy formalities, a gospel choir from America sang Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” after which, although I didn’t see anyone applaud outwardly, I could tell they were all applauding and saying “Amen” on the inside.

This Royal Wedding, with its blending of traditional and modern elements, which are changing the look of the royal family, reminded me of our church and the ministries we are embarking on. This summer we are going to be participating in our own “royal” endeavors as we share the love of God here in Macon and throughout the southeast.

For starters, every Tuesday morning in June, our church will be hosting Terrific Tuesdays at “Kings” Park. Youth and adults from our church will be providing snacks, playing games, singing, helping with art projects, recreation, and reading with the children in the “Kings” Park neighborhood.

During the second week of June, our youth choir will be going on the Jubilate Summer Tour, which will take us to “Birmingham,” Alabama that is, not England, don’t I wish. We’ll then go to Atlanta for a Braves game and then end our tour with at concert at the First Baptist Church of Christ on “High Place,” right here in Macon on Wednesday night, June 13 at 6:30.

Our youth will then be traveling to Furman “University,” it’s not Oxford but it will do, the first week of July for our summer Passport Mission trip. Throughout the week, we will be serving the people of Greenville, South Carolina and learning that God’s love is enough for each of us.

Then, during the second week of July, our church will host our annual Vacation Bible School where the children will be go on a Rolling River Rampage. They might pretend they’re “rowing” on the “Thames,” as they discover that life with God is an adventure filled with wonder and surprise.

Many other activities are planned for this “royal” summer and I hope that you’ll join us. As we embark on this summer and this new era, may we be reminded that, “if how we treat each other is not about love, then it is not about God.” Amen!