By Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter August 3, 2018

August is a weird month that always messes with our family’s sense of time. School has begun in earnest, yet the pool is still open. From Kindergarten kids to college professors, we wait for the school bell to ring to call us back to a different schedule. The familiarity of fall beckons, but summer sensibilities are far from over. Some of our families and educators stride into the first days of a new year, even as others scramble to enjoy those finals days of summer.

We have a few more weeks to go on the church calendar until our families return from their seasons of vacation and our educators catch their stride in the classroom. I can see that dazed end-of-summer glaze on so many faces. Families are ready for the familiarity of fall. I, too, am ready for our church family to gather as vacations end and we focus together on our common vocation through Highland Hills. Just at most folks are gearing up for new school year, the church is readying for a season of new opportunities at Highland Hills.

Now that summer is over, how will you engage in new patterns of church engagement? Weekly rhythms of worship, reflection, prayer and service keep you spiritually healthy every week. Find creative ways to engage your spiritual life this season. As you plan your fall, commit to worshipping together as a family. Allow the weekly and monthly rhythms of worship to shape your family’s calendar this fall. Prioritize you student’s moral development, alongside academic and extracurricular activities.Commit to a faithful pattern of tithes and offerings and offer your personal gifts to this community through Highland Hills. Join a new group committed to service in Macon, or help create a new life group in September. I know it still feels like summer, but its time for us to get to work together.