by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter February 7, 2019

“To find new things, take the path you took yesterday.”
~ John Burroughs

Walking around the church in this season of Epiphany continues to reveal new insights. So many things come to light if you allow your gaze to broaden and your perspective shift. This strange season, when it is February, but it feels like summer and looks like autumn, invites a fresh perspective.

When I walk out of the church, I try to look at more than just the route I will take to my car. When I allow myself to stroll and take in the surroundings, I have noticed our neighbors more than ever. Look, next time you are in the parking lot, at the homes that surround our congregation. I found myself wondering about the families there and whether or not we are good neighbors to them.

I've begun to do the same thing when I leave the parking lot. For most people, once you settle into a route to Highland Hills, then it is set. Try departing by another road. Wind through Jackson Springs. Forge a path down Engle or Walls to Old Clinton. Discover a new court of Shirley Hills.

These neighborhoods are our first and best lens for missional work. Allow this journey through our familiar neighborhood to inspire a new sense of ministry and mission for Highland Hills. Be sure and share what discovery or insight you glean from the journey.

See you Sunday,