by Jake Hall

published in Family Matters eNewsletter May 9, 2019

Graduations mark our calendars in the coming weeks. School is about to be out. The bell is about to ring. Caps and gowns will fly in the air. We will need a different syllabus to chart summer's course. For a lot of folks, time in summer takes in a new quality.

Posted on the wall in our friends' home is a hand-made poster with the title “Summer Bucket List.”  The parents, with their three kids, brainstormed a list of all the fun things they wished to do during the summer. Easy things like “make homemade ice cream” and “chill out by the pool” were listed with “climb Stone mountain” and “build an ultimate slip n slide.” No room for boredom there.

These summer plans will no doubt offer wonderful memories and shape this family for seasons to come. The appeal of summer that may prompt some of this brainstorming is the idea that summer affords opportunity: time for family, rest, and reconnecting.

Summer generously grants longer days and vacation times; what would you like to happen in this season? Homemade ice cream and napping by the pool sound like a plan for some of these summer days, but what is on your summer bucket list that may replenish body and spirit?

Summer brings many opportunities at Highland Hills. We will have opportunities to serve through the church mission focus at King's Park. Families have spiritually significant opportunities through which they sing, serve, and learn together.

Summer affords opportunities for a different rhythm of life.

Life in a college town in a church where folks hit the beach & mountains on the regular, takes on a new pace, as well. In summer's time, we are given fleeting moments of a beautiful excess of time together. 

Let's not miss each other at this time. 

  • What will this mean for your life of faith?

  • Will you serve as a family together?

  • Will you tithe gratefully, maybe trying this as a new faith practice for your family?

  • Will you pray in a new way, expectant that God is at work doing great things in our homes and our church?  

Summer gives us time to rest and renew ourselves within the church, not away from the church. We show up; we serve; We return our gifts; we worship. Rather than a summer slump, this season can be a spiritual gift if we contemplate what opportunities lie around us.