by Jake Hall

If you have ever lived in a house with both a student and an educator, then you know the quickened pace of August. By now, all of our students have returned to classrooms and dorm rooms everywhere. The educators in our midsts returned a few weeks ago, planning and prepping for a new school year or college term. At Highland Hills we have kids in kindergarten up to graduate school, as well as, educators and administrators at all manner of institutions from public pre-ks to private highschool schools; They serve as professors and para-pros, teachers and administrators, coaches and counselors.

On Sunday, we will offer blessings to our students and prayers for our educators. This space reminds me of a prayer my wife Erin, a former secondary ed teacher, wrote. May it kindle compassion for the educators in our midst.

A Prayer for Teachers

by Rev. Dr. Erin Robinson Hall

A Prayer for Teachers

May the new pocket charts, smart boards, and colorful folders,
May the desk decor and colored pens brighten every corner.
It’s the little things, O Lord.

May the students be awake and energetic to the exact degree
that the teacher is awake and energetic.
No more, no less, O Lord.

May the emails be short,
May the meetings be short,
May the phone calls just be . . . short.
Help us out, O Lord.


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