By Jake Hall

The Lord's Prayer is both simple and subversive. These past few weeks we have taken the prayer petition by petition, holding each phrase up to the light with a jeweler's loop to catch a different facet of this faithful prayer.

This week we will examine the tension between a prayer for deliverance from both evil and temptation at the end of the prayer.

This final word before the close of the prayer might be the most important.

As Rohr writes about temptation:

"We can only be tempted to something that is good on some level, partially good, or good for some, or just good for us and not for others. Temptations are always about “good” things, or we could not be tempted: in these cases “bread,” “Scripture,” and “kingdoms in their magnificence.” Most people’s daily ethical choices are not between total good and total evil, but between various shades of good, a partial good that is wrongly perceived as an absolute good (because of the self as the central reference point), or even evil that disguises itself as good. These are what get us into trouble."

This part of the prayer gives us the ability to rightly discern between temptation and evil.

It closes with a remember of where the power and glory reside.

See there.

~ Jake