Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Vision 20/20?

  • A process for discerning what God wants us to be and do.
  • “Appreciative Inquiry:” identifies and builds on an organization’s strengths.

What Are the Goals of Vision 20/20?

  • Clarify the congregation’s unique identity and giftedness.
  • Determine areas of focus to build upon the congregation’s current strengths.
  • Determine areas for future missions and ministry.
  • Develop ministry goals and action plans to guide the congregation in fulfilling its calling during the next 3-5 years.

Why Are We Doing It?

  • We have changed.
  • Our community has changed.
  • The world has changed.

Who Is Facilitating Vision 20/20?

How Are We Paying for It?

  • The Deacons authorized spending up to $10,000 from undesignated funds that were not part of the operating budget.

Will the Consultant Tell Us What to Do?

  • NO!  The consultant and leadership team together will design and implement a process through which the congregation will discern God’s will for us for the next few years.

How Was the Leadership Team Chosen?

  • Church members were asked to nominate up to three people they would trust to serve on the leadership team.  Thirty-eight people were nominated. 
  • The Deacon Officers took the list of nominees and worked prayerfully to create a pool that reflects the diversity of the congregation.

Who are the members of the Leadership Team?

  • Paul Lewis, Chair
  • Jay Davis
  • Helen Dunwody
  • Keith Gammons
  • Anne Heath
  • Rachel Huston
  • Girard Jones
  • Pam Kent
  • Jean Trotter
  • Allen London, Ex Officio
  • Jake Hall, Ex Officio

What Is the Role of the Leadership Team?

  • Attend a day-long orientation at the beginning of the process 
  • Attend a writing retreat at the end of the process 
  • In consultation with the Dr. Wilson, design opportunities for the entire congregation to participate in the process.
  • Process the information gathered from those events and communicate the results to the congregation.

What Will the Process Entail?

  • Individual interviews
  • Congregational meetings
  • Forum with community leaders.

How Long Will It Last?

  • Most likely 4-6 months.

Takeaways:  Vision 20/20 is

  • A process not a program.
  • A matter of spiritual discernment.
  • The work of the entire congregation.