Make or cancel your reservations by noon on the Tuesday prior to the meal.

Family Night Supper for September, 2.

Please remember to make or
cancel your reservation by
Noon on Tuesday, September 1.


Regular FNS Prices:

Cost:  $5.00 per plate (regardless of age)

Teller:  Billie Chapman

A PB&J sack meal is available; $1 each. (Indicate need for PB&J with your reservation.)



Help us control costs and prevent the raising of the price of meals. Please make note of the following:

1) If you have a standing reservation, it is your responsibility to notify the church office by Tuesday at noon if you do not plan to attend the upcoming meal. If you fail to cancel your reservation in a timely manner, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the missed meals. If there was a true emergency that prevented your attending (such as sudden illness), you may notify the church office.

2) Due to rising cost of paper products, there is an extra charge of $1.00 for each carry-out. Please advise the teller at check in that you will need a carry-out box.

3) If your family members come in at different times, we are asking that each family member, including the children and youth, check in with the teller.

4) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for small children are available for $1. If your child goes through the serving line, the cost is $5.

5) Only prospects for church membership or speakers are considered guests. When the church staff writes a welcome letter to visitors at the Sunday service, a guest dinner ticket for the first Wednesday night visit will be included in the letter.

6) We will continue shut-in meals as in the past. We encourage you to call the church office by noon Tuesday if you are willing to carry a meal to a member who is ill or house bound. 


Add, pause, or change your family's Wednesday night meal reservation.

You can change your reservation as often as you wish. Please make changes no later than noon on Tuesday for that week's supper.

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What would you like to do? *
Examples: Please add standing reservation for 3 plates and 1 pb&j meal beginning 12/4/13. OR Please reduce our standing reservation to 3 plates for 12/4/13. OR Please cancel our dinner reservation for 12/4/13. OR Please add 2 plates to our reservation for 12/4/13.