The Ministry Fund is the general operating fund for the missions and ministries of the church. It is the primary way that we fund the programs and personnel for corporate worship, spiritual formation, ministry projects, missions partnerships, hospitality, outreach, and other day-to-day operational expenses established in the church budget.

Support the Ministry Fund.


Highland Hills has been blessed with many saints over the last 61 years; saints who made sacrifices in order to make the church the wonderful place it is today.

The Saints of yesterday have passed the torch to us; we are the ones who now must make the sacrifices necessary to carry on the work of God at Highland Hills Baptist Church.
— Buddy and Gloria Marshall

When we give to our state and global missions offerings, when we give to the operating budget, and when we give of our time and talents we are taking the ministries of our church beyond these walls and being salt and light in the world.
— Larry and Emily Brumley

Christian formation isn’t just about something intangible and disembodied. It is here and now, embedded in things we touch and see. It is embodied in parents and teachers, in lesson materials, in supplies, in physical spaces that are conducive to learning, and in students of all ages and places who are willing to learn—along with staff who enable us to do this work.
— Paul and Marsha Lewis

Hospitality is a vital part of truly loving our neighbor. And each of us plays an important part in showing hospitality to each other and to the stranger. It takes money and people to prepare and run all of the activities through which we show hospitality. We can all give, and we can all help welcome.
— Jim and Patricia Netherton

I believe that we should be a worshipping people and I want to do my part. I urge you to continue supporting our missions and ministry fund because it helps support our worship and sacred ministries.
— Angela Blankenship